Circle of Security Parenting Program

After much careful planning, Let’s Talk Psychology Practice is pleased to announce that the first Circle of Security© Parenting Program will commence on Tuesday 9th May 2017 for a 6-week course!  

The Circle of Security© Parenting Program is an inspiring yet practical course for parents based on decades of research about how parents and kids thrive. The Circle of Security© Parenting Program helps parents to develop an understanding of their child’s needs and behaviours within a supportive parent group environment.  It really is a program that is so valuable to all parents of young children.  

Wondering if the Circle of Security© Parenting Program is for you?  Read through the following list and if you answer YES to any of the below then the Circle of Security© Parenting Program is for you.

Are you a parent or carer who would like to:

Have a strong and healthy relationship with your child?

Recognise and understand your child’s emotional needs?

Support your child’s independence?

Support your child’s need for closeness and intimacy?

Promote the development of empathy in your child?

Understand why a child’s behaviour can sometimes cause a negative reaction in their parents/carers?

Know how to handle your child’s emotional ‘meltdowns’?

Know what approach to take when children ‘act out’?

By the end of the course- you will be able to identify your children's emotional needs and respond to their behaviours in ways which result in greater resilience, fewer behavioural difficulties, better relationships with family and friends, and support improved improved self esteem. This is a high level program that will equip you with the valuable skills of being able to read, understand, and respond to your child’s emotional needs in an appropriate way.  It is also a program that helps you to maintain connection with your child even in the most challenging of situations where connection might seem impossible.  And we all know the importance of having that connection with our kids, especially when they transition into adolescence.  The work starts now!


Dates:  The program will commence on Tuesday 9th May 2017 and will run for 2-hrs from 12:30-2:20pm for a 6-week course.  That is a total of 12-face to face contact hours.

Facilitators:  The group program is facilitated by Dr Charise Deveney (Clinical Psychologist) and Sally Freedman (Psychologist)- both of which have been formally trained to facilitate the Circle of Security Parenting Program.  

Cost:  The cost for the 6-week program consisting of 12-contact hours is $1010. From that you will be entitled to a rebate of approximately $186. The out of pocket expense is approximately $888. Some private health funds may cover part of this gap payment (check with your specific private health fund). The program is to be paid in full upfront and then each week you will be issued with a receipt to submit to Medicare to obtain the rebate amount (approx. $31/session).  

Group Numbers:  Numbers are strictly limited for the group as we want to maintain a high standard of delivery service and acknowledge the need to provide each participant with the space to process and reflect on the material being presented.  

How To Book:  To register for the Circle of Security Parenting Program and to start the journey to a more connected and attuned relationship with your child either give us a call on #0424 143 473 or send us an email at  

More information:  If you would like more information on the program please take a look at the Circle of Security website at:  There is an informative short video clip that provides a good explanation for the program.  


Please feel free to forward this email to anyone whom you might think would be interested in attending.  

Looking forward to hearing from you and you to have strong, connected, and meaningful relationships with your children.  

All the best,

The Let’s Talk Psychology Practice Team