Teen WellBeings is a 4-week program for those aged 12-18 that provides a foundation to holistic health and well-being. It focuses on a number of lifestyle factors proven to impact mood and reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

Choices in food, physical activity, and sleep inform vulnerability to an adolescents' experience of stress, anxiety, and depression. When we are stressed, worried, or depressed, some of our basic functions go offline. We forget to fuel our bodies well, forget to move in a healthy way, and sometimes overlook the need for restorative rest and down time. In order to feel well, think well, and be well, we need to tend to our basic foundation of wellness.

Teen WellBeings is an informal, small group program aimed at optimising functioning by supporting lifestyle wellness that forms the foundation for day to day functioning and psychological wellbeing. Facilitated by a trained counsellor/ psychologist each session will include a discussion about lifestyle choices and a weekly mindfulness, relaxation and movement activity. Teens will take home useful tools and exercises to practice their skills at home and are encouraged to make small but meaningful changes to their day-to-day routines.

Most of all, participants and their parents will become part of our online, confidential network, where we share research-based resources and recommended supportive apps or podcasts on each topic to encourage our teens’ ongoing well-being.

Join the Teen Village at Let's Talk Psychology and become a Teen WellBeing.

Group Dates: Next group commencing Monday 26th August, Monday 2nd September, Monday 9th September, Monday 16th September.

Group Times: 4:30-5:30pm

Cost: $350/four-week program

To book a place in a Teen WellBeing group plase call us on:

#0424 143 473 or email: info@letstalkpsychology.com.au

TOGETHER WITH BABY: An opportunity to pause, connect, & reflect with your baby

Let's Talk Psychology Practice is excited to provide parents with the opportunity to learn about the ways in which babies use body language, sounds, and other signals to communicate their needs using the Together With Baby Program.

The Together With Baby Program is a relationship-based course that supports parent-infant bonding using nurturing infant massage techniques

Healthy touch, stroking, and skin to skin contact has been shown to support a baby's emotional, social, and early brain development.   Using nurturing touch and education about how babies communicate, the Together With Baby Program has the potential to reduce infant crying, help improve settling, support a baby's wellbeing and development, and help babies bond with their caregivers.

The Together with Baby Program invites parents to pause... to step out of the busyness of life... and to learn how to use touch with their baby to deepen their relationship with, and to support the psychological wellbeing of their baby!  

Mindfulness and observation skills are also thought in the group- helping parents to deepen their bond with their baby.

Creating a ‘modern day village’ is an important part of the program. Caregivers are connected with each other through supportive and nurturing relationships.

Let's Talk Psychology Practice is passionate about, and dedicated to, supporting the psychological wellbeing of parents and their infants.  The Together With Baby Program complements the perinatal services provided at Let's Talk Psychology Practice by supporting parents, through a relationship based massage program, to be responsive and attuned to their infants cues of communication.

Your Questions Answered....      

When Is The Next Course Running?   The next Together With Baby Program will commence in Term 3 2019.  Classes are limited to a maximum of 5-6 participants/class (places are strictly limited). 

Time:  TBA

What's Included?  Each session includes morning tea, a relaxation exercise, demonstration and practice of infant massage strokes, and a          discussion of a topic related to infant social and emotional development and communication and caregiver wellbeing (e.g. crying and communication, mindful awareness, self care).  You are also provided with a bottle of organic baby massage oil and use of all floor cushions, pillows, and blankets needed for your own and your baby's comfort.

Cost:  Please call Let’s Talk Psychology Practice for a breakdown of fees (rebates may be available through your private health fund).  

We welcome you and your baby into the Together With Baby Program.  Gift vouchers are also available..... imagine being able to give the gift of time and to support the development of a connected, nurturing, and responsive relationship between yourself and your baby or to a new parent and their baby.

Contact us today on #0424 143 473 or info@letstalkpsychology.com.au to book a spot or for more information!


***Register your interest now***

                                                                                                                Would you like to learn how to:

• Communicate effectively with your teenager?

• Understand your teenager?

• Help your teenager with emotional intelligence and managing emotions? 

• Prevent some teenager behaviour problems?

• Teach your teenager to deal with conflict?

Tuning in to Teens™ is a parenting program that focuses on emotions and is designed to assist parents to establish stronger relationships with their teenage children. The program provides parents with a greater understanding of their teen’s emotional experiences while teaching specific skills that can assist in being supportive, empathic and staying connected with the young person. It further aims to improve parent’s emotional awareness, regulation and communication style and provide them with an opportunity to reflect on their own emotion socialisation experience. Tuning in to Teens™ aims to prevent problems developing and enhance emotional and behavioural functioning.

Having a strong and connected relationship with your teen has never been so crucial as it is in today's modern world where there are so many pulls on our teenagers to be and act a certain way.  One of the greatest gifts that parents can give to their teenagers is an open, welcoming, and unobstructed line of communication.  Learn how to communicate with your teen so that they want to communicate with you.  Just as the saying goes..."better the devil you know".....  We welcome you to join us in our next Tuning Into Teens Program with other like minded parents.   

       This program is ideal for parents of children aged 10 - 18years old.

       Tuning Into Teens runs for 1.5 hours/week over 5 consecutive weeks.

       The cost of the course is $375 (rebates from private health funds may be applicable)

Please call us on #0424 143 473 or email on info@letstalkpsychology.com.au to register your interest for the next Tuning Into Teens program.


***Register your interest now***

        Are you a parent or carer who would like to:

         Have a strong and healthy relationship with your child?

         Recognise and understand your child’s emotional needs?

         Support your child’s independence?

         Support your child’s need for closeness and intimacy?

         Promote the development of empathy in children?

         Understand why a child’s behaviour can sometimes cause a                  negative reaction in their parents/carers?

          Know how to handle your child’s emotional ‘meltdowns’? and                 Know what approach to take when children 'act out'?

If you answered YES to any of the above then the Circle of Security© Parenting Program is for you.

All parents want to have a strong and healthy relationship with their child.  The Circle of Security© Parenting Program is an inspiring yet practical course for parents based on decades of research about how parents and kids thrive. The Circle of Security© Parenting Program helps parents to develop an understanding of their child’s needs and behaviours within a supportive parent group environment.  

Course attendees will learn how to identify their children's emotional needs and respond to their behaviours in ways which result in greater resilience, fewer behavioural difficulties, better relationships with family and friends, and improved self esteem. 

This parenting program is suitable for parents of newborns, toddlers, pre-schoolers and children up to around 12-years old.  The program consists of 12 face to face hours of intervention and will be offered in multiple formats:  

1.5hrs/week for an 8-week period, or

3hrs/week for a 4-week period.  

Your Questions Answered....      

When Is The Next Course Running?   Expressions of interest are being taken at present. Places will be strictly limited to each group in order to maximise outcomes for all participants.

Time:  TBA

Cost:  The cost of the 4-week program is $595 (rebates may be available through your private health fund).  

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to participate in a future group please contact Let’s Talk Psychology Practice on #0424143473 or email: info@letstalkpsychology.com.au

RECHARGE: Relaxation and Meditation Classes

If you are feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or finding it difficult to relax and slow down, and in need of self-care and time-out, then perhaps you need to come and RECHARGE with relaxation and meditation classes at Let’s Talk Psychology Practice.

  • RECHARGE is a lifestyle program that enhances physical and psychological wellbeing by teaching relaxation, meditation, self-care, and stress-management skills.

  • RECHARGE is a small group program run as a 4 week package for 45minutes once per week.

  • Each 45-minute RECHARGE class consists of an extended relaxation or meditation exercise, and education about strategies targeting stress management and self-care.


RECHARGE is for anyone who is:

  • seeking to enhance their physical and psychological wellbeing and functioning,

  • in need of self-care or stress-management strategies, or

  • experiencing anxiety, depression, or adjustment difficulties, or needing stillness in their busy day-to-day lives.


Research shows that stress impacts negatively on physical and psychological health.  Relaxation, meditation, good self-care, and stress-management skills help us to manage the challenges of life in more effective and productive ways which is important since most of us live our loves in a constant state of stressful arousal.  Since few of us engage in appropriate self-care and relaxation we all need time to unwind and RECHARGE.


RECHARGE has two components:

  • Initial classes: these are purchased as a set of 4 classes, and

  • Ongoing classes: also purchased in sets of 4 classes for those who want to maintain good self-care and relaxation.


Enrolling in RECHARGE relaxation and meditation classes is easy.  Either

  • Call Let’s Talk Psychology Practice on: #0424 143 473

  • Call the All Health Clinic on: #9440 1631, or

  • Email: info@letstalkpsychology.com.au


You don’t need a referral to attend RECHARGE classes, but if you do have a GP’s referral you may be eligible for Medicare rebates for up to 55% of the overall fee.  A four class RECHARGE package costs $200 ($80 after Medicare rebates).

We look forward to seeing you soon in a RECHARGE: relaxation and meditation class.

Managing Motherhood

Being a new mother is a 24/7 job and life post-baby is a transforming time. New mothers need their own special care and support to adjust to the many challenges facing them after birth.

Managing Motherhood is a small group program that provides new mothers with a safe, nurturing, and non-judgemental environment to explore and appreciate the range of emotions, challenges, and life changes experienced during life post-baby.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Understanding new mother moods,

  • Understanding the life changes associated with motherhood; managing the demands of motherhood,

  • Self-image, self-beliefs & reinventing yourself as a mother,

  • Self-care: creating time to nurture yourself,

  • Managing isolation & developing social networks,

  • Mindful parenting,

  • Post-baby relationships: partner & other relationships,

  • Relaxation exercises.

Managing Motherhood is suitable for new mothers and is offered in a small group format over 5 weeks with optional monthly booster sessions. Medicare rebates up to 50% of the session fees are available for eligible participants.

Dr Charise Deveney is a Clinical Psychologist and a mother.



Private Antenatal & Postnatal Groups

Dr Charise Deveney is working with two of Sydney’s leading Obstetricians to provide private antenatal and postnatal support groups to offer to women during their pregnancy and the postpartum period.

The support groups will be offered as part of the routine clinical care provided to all patients of Dr Booker and Dr Keogh. They are run for 1-1.5 hrs in a small group session and are attended once between 30 – 35 weeks gestation and then again at 3 – 10 weeks postpartum.

The aim of the support groups is to enhance the pregnancy and postnatal care provided by offering women additional support as they prepare for, and adjust to, their roles as mothers of first or subsequent children.

Other Workshops

Mindful parenting (6 x 1.5 hr weekly sessions) – stepping into the now and being present with your child/children

Understanding and Treating Perinatal Mod Disorders

Individual clinical supervision