Specialised Perinatal Services

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At Let’s Talk Psychology Practice we are keenly aware of the challenges presented to women and their families during the perinatal period (from pregnancy, to birth, and beyond).  We understand that for many individuals the transition to parenthood can be a time of enormous physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth and change.  Indeed, each passage through birth into parenthood is a journey into the unknown, with new hopes, fears, expectations, and demands.

For many individuals, becoming a parent is the most significant life-changing event they will ever experience.  Many adjustments have to be made to successfully navigate the transition to parenthood.  This life experience requires complex adjustments and adaptations to the many changes that take place when having a baby.

Let’s Talk Psychology Practice provides specialised perinatal psychological services to parents, infants, couples, and families. We aim to provide a service that acknowledges the complex adjustments and adaptations to the many changes that take place when having a baby.

The perinatal  services encompass the antenatal and postnatal periods.  Specialist perinatal interventions are provided for:

  • Depression and anxiety during pregnancy (antenatal depression) and after childbirth (postnatal depression)

  • Re-emergence of grief regarding past losses, such as a previous miscarriage or the loss of a parent

  • Couple relationship issues

  • Issues in the parent-infant relationship (eg bonding issues, intense anxieties about the baby’s well-being)

  • Difficult behaviours or emotional distress in older siblings

  • Broader family issues (e.g. difficulties in relationships with own parents or in-laws)

  • Perinatal grief and loss: Miscarriage, still-birth, loss of baby

  • Fertility issues; Decisions about pregnancy

Perinatal Psychological services are provided as

  • individual therapy, and

  • specialised group interventions including:

    • The First Touch Program: Baby Massage,

    • ‘Managing Motherhood: Antenatal and Postnatal Motherhood Support Groups’

    • ‘Being a Mindful Parent’

    • Managing Postnatal Depression

If you are a parent who is experiencing difficulties please contact:
Dr Charise Deveney on 0424 143 473
or email charise@letstalkpsychology.com.au
She can advise and guide you toward the most appropriate service for your specific needs.

Please read below for more information on specialist group based perinatal interventions.

Baby Massage:  Together With Baby  ***Enrolling Now for Term 3, May 2019***

Let's Talk Psychology Practice is excited to provide parents with the opportunity to learn about the ways in which babies use body language, sounds, and other signals to communicate their needs using The First Touch Program.

The Together With Baby Program is a relationship-based infant massage course that teaches nurturing infant massage techniques to parents. It is run either as a 2-week; 3-week; or 5-week program. 

Healthy touch, stroking, and skin to skin contact has been shown to support a baby's emotional, social, and early brain development.   Together With Baby also has the potential to reduce infant crying, help improve settling, support a baby's wellbeing and development, help protect and promote a baby's mental health of their mother is recovering from postnatal depression, and help babies bond with their dads.

Together With Baby invites parents to pause... to step out of the busyness of life... and to learn how to use touch with their baby to deepen their relationship with, and to support the psychological wellbeing of their baby!  

Let's Talk Psychology Practice is passionate about, and dedicated to, supporting the psychological wellbeing of parents and their infants.  Together With Baby complements the perinatal services provided at Let's Talk Psychology Practice by supporting parents, through a relationship based massage program, to be responsive and attuned to their infants cues of communication.

Your Questions Answered....      

When Is The Next Course Running?   The next Together With Baby Program commences on Friday 31st May for 3-consecutive weeks (concluding on Friday 14th June).  Classes are limited to a maximum of 5-6 participants/class (places are strictly limited). 

Time:  9:30-11:00am (classes run for 1.5 hours)

What's Included?  Each session includes morning tea, a relaxation exercise, demonstration and practice of infant massage strokes, and a          discussion of a topic related to infant and caregiver wellbeing (e.g. crying and communication, mindful awareness, self care).  You are also provided with a bottle of organic baby massage oil and use of all floor cushions, pillows, and blankets needed for your own and your baby's comfort.

Cost:  The cost of the 3-week program is $350 (rebates may be available through your private health fund).  

We welcome you and your baby into the Together With Baby Program.  Gift vouchers are also available..... imagine being able to give the gift of time and to support the development of a connected, nurturing, and responsive relationship between yourself and your baby or to a new parent and their baby.

Contact us today on #0424 143 473 or info@letstalkpsychology.com.au to book a spot or for more information!

Managing Motherhood:  Antenatal & Postnatal Motherhood Support Groups

“Each passage through birth into motherhood is a journey into the unknown, with new hopes, fears, expectations, and dreams.”

The transition to motherhood is a time of enormous physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth and change for women, whether or not this is your first child.  Realistic preparation for the postnatal period helps to smooth the path for the transition into Motherhood.

Managing Motherhood: Antenatal and Postnatal Motherhood Support Groups

  • Managing Motherhood is a 2 session group program for expectant and new Mothers that includes:

    • a Antenatal 1.5hr group session for pregnant women between 30-39 weeks gestation, and

    • a Postnatal 1.5hr group session for Mums and their babies (aged 2-13 weeks old).

  • Managing Motherhood helps women prepare for and adjust to the challenges of Motherhood; making the transition into motherhood as smooth and joyful as possible.

What Will We Do In The Group?

  • Explore and discuss the range of emotions, life changes, and challenges experienced during the transition into Motherhood;

  • Talk about expectations of Motherhood and cultivate realistic expectations of Motherhood;

  • Learn coping and parenting strategies to assist in the transition to Motherhood; and

  • Talk about how to manage new mother moods.

Who Is This Group For?

Managing Motherhood is for expectant and new mothers who are interested in:

  • preparing for the emotional, physical, and social adjustments of motherhood as best they can,

  • exploring ways to enhance their experience of Motherhood, and

  • learning ways to assist the mother-baby bonding process.

I want to Attend – How Do I Enrol?

  • Let your Obstetrician know that you would like to attend Managing Motherhood, or

  • Call Dr Charise Deveneyon: #0424 143 473.

Additional Group-Based Interventions

We provide a number of other specialist group-based perinatal interventions sporadically by demand.  The groups offer a warm and safe environment for expectant mothers, new mothers, and fathers to explore the range of challenges and adjustments inherent in the transition to parenthood.  Specialist perinatal group-based interventions include:

  • ‘Getting Ahead of Postnatal Depression’

  • ‘Managing Motherhood: Antenatal and Postnatal Motherhood Support Groups’

  • ‘Being a Mindful Parent’: Using mindfulness skills to connect with your experience, self, and children in the hear and now.

  • Raising Children With Mindful Awareness’

mother and baby 2.jpg